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  • Data as wood sculptures

    Data as wood sculptures

  • Workshop session with Robyn Schulkowsky & Joey Baron

    Workshop session with Robyn Schulkowsky & Joey Baron

  • Translating Data

    Translating Data

  • Playing Data

    Playing Data

  • Exhibiting Data

    Exhibiting Data

  • Data as music scores

    Data as music scores

PLAYING THE ARCHIVE 5 – Thursday JANUARY 17, 2019 8:00PM – Pike Auditorium PSU Campus (BBH Building 022)

Playing the Archive is a project conceived at the interface between developmental science and musical art. In 2013, percussionists Robyn Schulkowsky and Joey Baron joined with professor Nilam Ram and colleagues to create artistic visualizations (photo/video animation), sonifications (music), and materializations (installation/sculpture) of scientific data. Each year, the group selects a set of data archives from studies of human behavior and works to translate those data into artistic forms for presentation in their concert performances, lectures, and gallery exhibitions. Playing the Archive I (2013) and Sans-Axis (2014) initiated and refined a collaborative process for creation and performance/display of new musical scores made from longitudinal data. Workshops that accompanied Banging Out the Data (2015) and Playing the Archive II (2015) explored how audience-participation in construction of sonic graphs provokes extraction of personal meaning from scientific data. Playing the Archive III (2016) was presented in Berlin with new works exploring how acts of listening and improvisation may facilitate understanding of data, sound, silence, and emergence of human behavior. Playing the Archive IV (2017) was developed around a series of workshops with data science students in State College, PA (video below).  We are just now preparing for Playing the Archive 5, which will feature new ideas surrounding dyadic conversations and improvisations.

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  • Kente Data
    Kente Data

    Kente Data by Lisa Kopp.

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  • 10 Year Archive
    10 Year Archive

    A collection of images spanning 10 years by Cody Goddard.

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  • iSAHIB Steps
    iSAHIB Steps

    iSAHIB Steps Data by Nilam Ram.

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  • Energy Data
    Energy Data

    Energy Data by Brian Orland & Dena Lang.

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  • Suplemento Dominical Jornal do Brazil
    Suplemento Dominical Jornal do Brazil

    The Suplemento Dominical Jornal do Brazil by Simone Osthoff & Candice Ee Ching Ng

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  • Funken Data
    Funken Data

    Funken data by Erika Lunkenheimer.

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  • Lockbox Data
    Lockbox Data

    Lockbox Data by Pamela Cole.

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  • Inoculation Data
    Inoculation Data

    Inoculation data by Cindy Stifter.

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  • White Board Art
    White Board Art

    White Board Art by Peter Molenaar.

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