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Inoculation Data

About Project

Inoculation Data is collected by Cindy Stifter (Professor of Human Development and Psychology) at Penn State. It is part of Stifter’s research in understanding the socio-emotional development in infants, toddlers, and preschool children with an emphasis on the development of, and individual differences in, infant emotional reactivity and the ability to regulate emotion.

Inoculation Data is part of the Emotional Beginnings Project where one of the primary purposes is to investigate how infants and toddlers come to regulate their emotions. To accomplish this, Inoculation data is part of a longitudinal study that was funded by the National Institutes for Mental Health. In this study children and their parents were seen several times from when the child was 2 weeks of age to 10 years of age. Amongst other techniques, Inoculation data is studied using inoculation visits to gather data.

For Playing the Archive, three examples of Inoculation Data were being sonified. Comprised of musical interpretations of data recording the response and recovery of infants receiving inoculations.  The researchers are interested in the effectiveness of the parent-child interactions translated into a conversation between the two percussionists.